fredag den 11. juni 2010

Peter Chan

The last week of school before the exam was Concept Design with Peter Chan. This was one of the best weeks of the year. He checked out our blogs and learned all of our names before having us. How cool is that!
We had a lot of repetition of the things we learned with Lawrence and it was really nice. Words can't explain how awesome Peter Chan is..

Our assignment was to make a concept with to given references and 1 or 3 references we found on our own. We were to make a character, creature and environment. In the end we were going to have a drawing of an event that showed a story. I have so much more to learn.

These two images were my references from Peter:

My idea was to make a desert like alien planet with robot creatures and destroyed cities. Peter really made us try to do something we find difficult and since i never draw techinal stuff i thought i should try it. However i didn't really succeed but at least i know what to do to fix it!

My event was that two characters had fallen into a pit and the parasite creatures were coming to get them. The parasites would live off the mechanical characters and then turn into butterfly like creatures.

If you try to google Peter Chan you will find a lot of art and that is not the Peter we had. Peter doesn't upload anything to the internet. He dean't even have a mobile phone.

However i have found a bit of his work for Brütal Legend.

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