tirsdag den 31. juli 2012

Internship and summer time

It has been a long and hard year but we made it. Our bachelor film was done the 15th of june. Since we handed it in I have been busy with packing up my stuff to move back to my parents before i leave for my internship and also helping them with preparing their house for my fathers 75th birthday in the beginning of july. I also went to the danish jamboree as a volounteer which was great. So it has been a busy summer and still is.
I will be taking my internship at The Mill in London and i am super excited about it. I just need to find a place to live. At least the internship is after the olympics.

Anyway.. here are some photoes :)

 MilkiWay slumbering the day away as usual :)

The birthday cake i made for my fathers reception the 7th of july.

 Sunset at the closing ceremony at the danish jamboree

 I was lucky enough to go on a activity with horse riding. It was amazing and my horse was so calm i could get a lot of great photos while riding.

As a surprise Alphabeat gave a concert at the closing ceremony.