søndag den 28. oktober 2012

søndag den 30. september 2012

The joy of using fresh yeast!

This weekend i finally managed to find fresh yeast. It is super expensive compared to the good old normal yeast from Denmark but nevertheless.. it is yeast! (and organic too) I found it in a small organic health store where everything was quite expensive. It was almost like being back in Denmark and the yeast packs even have writing in danish on them. I bought 3 packs and they cost £1.09 each however i do not mind paying that price because it is worth my joy of using yeast. I never thought i would crave using yeast as much as i have.


I still need to get to know the oven at the place i am staying but at least it is easier to use than the last one which seem to bake my bread unevenly. I used my first pack of yeast on walnut and white chocolate horns.  :)

søndag den 23. september 2012


I am currently in London for my internship and I haven't had much time to draw but i did manage to take some photos. Hopefully i will start drawing again after the 12th of October where we hand in our bachelor thesis paper and "making of".

I went to Hyde park with two friends and the weather was absolutely amazing. 26 degrees and sunny. We were amazed with the amount of squirrels and how tame they were. You could actually hand feed them and they would come really close.

 Also the pidgins were hand-feedable :)

Here they are actually sitting on me.

I also discovered that there were horses! However after getting home and looking at their website i soon found out that an one hour lesson is £69.00. That is about the same price as i would pay for a whole month in Denmark for 1 hour a week.

I can't remember what statue this was but it was right outside Hyde Park.

Buckingham Palace was quite near by so we dropped by there too on our way home.


I think that these are the prettiest street lights i have ever seen. They are like right out of a fairytale movie :)

We also came by Big Ben. 

 This is the cat Kitty who also lives in the flat where i am renting a room. When i saw her sleeping like this i just had to take a photo :)

onsdag den 15. august 2012


 I made these earrings a while ago but didn't get any pictures of them. The two with the pearls are some of the earrings i use the most. I just love the colours.

 I had some more fun with playing around with the polaroid effect on some photoes :)

I also bought this today. White chocolate spreading with pistachio. I have been wanting to buy it for a while and finally decided to actually do it. It tastes amazing!

mandag den 13. august 2012

phun with photoshop

I honestly haven't been drawing much these days but i have been taking quite a lot of photoes. I have just tried out a random tutorial in making the polaroid effect and everything just looks way better with those effects. I just love the dreamy effect it gives.

I have posted this image before but here it is again with polaroid effect :)

A two person chocolate fondue set that i've had for ages but never really used. I finally did :)

 Just some fun with my Domo figuring that was a present from a good friend.

And of course yet another photo of MilkiWay.. maybe i should make a seperate page just for him..

søndag den 5. august 2012

Vacation time

Even though the weather isn't that great i'm still enjoying the summer. I am staying with my parents these days so i have access to a camera. I really should get my own but hopefully i'll get one of those smartphones with a descent camera one day :)

 As many of my friends know i love to bake. Crossaints with hazelnuts and white chocolate and orange almond muffins with dark chokolate filling.

MilkiWay always seem to be enjoying life :)

 My mother just made a new batch of walnut snaps. I just love the colours.

I went to see one of my good friends Cæcilie and her part time horse Elton at a dressage competetion. The weather was great and they did well in the competetion :)