søndag den 30. september 2012

The joy of using fresh yeast!

This weekend i finally managed to find fresh yeast. It is super expensive compared to the good old normal yeast from Denmark but nevertheless.. it is yeast! (and organic too) I found it in a small organic health store where everything was quite expensive. It was almost like being back in Denmark and the yeast packs even have writing in danish on them. I bought 3 packs and they cost £1.09 each however i do not mind paying that price because it is worth my joy of using yeast. I never thought i would crave using yeast as much as i have.


I still need to get to know the oven at the place i am staying but at least it is easier to use than the last one which seem to bake my bread unevenly. I used my first pack of yeast on walnut and white chocolate horns.  :)

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