fredag den 21. januar 2011

Modeling with Armando Sepulveda del Toro - part 1

This week we started modeling our Quadrupeds. Our teacher is Armando Sepulveda del Toro and he is fantastic at teaching. It is really great to learn new tricks and how the topology should be for the best results.
Next week i shall start on the crystals and teeth plus all the small details.

mandag den 17. januar 2011

Back in school and Project Q

We are back from our christmas holiday and have started the next project were we are going to make a 4 legged animal/creature.

We worked on the designs with an animation buddy and that was really great to try. I got so many useful inputs.
The teachers we had were Florian Satzinger and Willie Real. Don't forget to check out their blogs! and

Here is the Design that Ditte and i came up with. It's a crystal backed deer. The crystals glow when the animal is going to attack and has nasty sharp teeth with a black tongue.