onsdag den 20. februar 2013

My first Zbrush sculpt

Finally i have started learning some Zbrush. It has been something that i have wanted to do for ages now so the other day i put on some breaking bad, found some nice chocolate, white wine, lit some candles and dived into Zbrush. I started out with a sphere and it seems that it turned into a dog. Hopefully i will get better at some point and i am really looking forward to getting more familiar with the program :)

søndag den 10. februar 2013


Yesterday i had a small reception for my family and friends. We ordered the food from www.danishminies.dk and it was absolutely delicious! (though the cakes where home made) I can highly recommend danish minies!


 How could i not make a rainbow cake :)

torsdag den 7. februar 2013


In January i graduated from The Animation Workshop and i now have a bachelor in computer graphic arts. It has been 5 good years in Viborg and i am now ready to get out there and start working. (The bachelor program is 3,5 years but i also took a couple of semesters at The Drawing Academy.)
I am planning on going back to London asap and getting work in the VFX industry. However i will just have to see what happens :)

Here is the bachelor film that i worked on together with 7 other amazing people:

Memoria from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

I also made a making of with a selection of the things i worked on:

Making Of Memoria from Anne-Sofie Tholander on Vimeo.