onsdag den 26. maj 2010

Matte Painting with Daniel Cocauoult

We've started on a week with matte painting and i'm simply loving it. One week is just not enough. I really enjoy painting and drawing. Sometimes i almost forget how fun it is with all the 3d.
This is my first matte painting:

I wanted to challenge myself a bit more so i started on a second matte painting. Daniel helped me a lot though and i'm far from done.

I've also worked some more on one of my drawings after briefly learning about colours.

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  1. It is a awesome! Very beautiful, byt awesome. I like your draws, and i make in Photoshop too! XD

    And i am Lucy, i write you email by Hidatsenka. Remember me? :) Please, answer to my hidatsenka@seznam.cz, yes? :)