onsdag den 2. januar 2013

Christmas 2012

After my internship i returned home to my parents to celebrate christmas. I had a great time at The Mill and i hope to be able to return in the future.

I still haven't been drawing much so some photos will have to do..

MilkiWay seems to have gotten bigger. He can barely sleep on the chair without sliding off.

 I sure did miss floor heating in London. Mille seem to enjoy it as much as i do. She also looks like how i felt after the Christmas dinner.

Our Christmas tree :)

And i was lucky enough to get a ride on my friend's horse. My legs were so sore the following days that I could barely walk.

 I also went to Tivoli. It's always nice in Tivoli at Christmas time.

I also bought a present for myself. How could i not buy this unicorn horn for cats? I think it's pretty amazing. (though MilkiWay probably doesn't share my excitement)

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