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Back in school and Trailer Project

We have finally started school again and we have a Trailer Project that will run untill december 2010.
The assignment is to re art-direct the movie and make a trailer in 3d. My group have been given the french movie Jules ét Jim.

“Jules and Jim” is about two guys, whose friendship is put to the test when they both fall in love with Catherine. In the beginning all was well, Jules marries Catherine and Jim promises to keep his hands off of her. Everything changes when they all reunite after WW1 where Jules and Jim fought on opposite sides. Jules and Catherine’s marriage is now falling apart, and in attempt to keep Catherine in his life Jules asks Jim to become her lover. However after a while Jim rejects her and she becomes desperate. When she realizes that she will never have Jim, she drives them both into the water. (And they drown)

Our analyzis of the 3 characters:

Catherine: Dominant, attention seeking, selfish, drama queen, manipulating, control freak.

Catherine is naïve and dominant. She thinks that she can have it all, and she has many men caught up in her web.

Jules: grey, queer, introvert, heavy, goofy, reasonable, dependent, forgiving, naïve, self-destructing, weak.

In the beginning Jules is a cheerful and happy guy, but as time goes on he gets addicted to Catherine and he becomes more and more concerned about losing her and their child.

Jim: Proud, French, self-secure, outgoing, selfish, player, strong.

Jim changes character as his and Jules friendship is at risk. Throughout the story Jim gets more mature in his decisions as he realizes, that his and Catherine’s relationship can’t work, as he will never get her for himself.

We have chosen to make it an action movie and have turned the characters in to insects. In our analyzis of the 3 main characters we found that Catherine was very similar to the female insects.

The first two weeks we had character design/concept and storyboarding. Our teachers were Uwe Heidschötter and Christian Puille.

I mostly did storyboarding though i would have loved to do some character design. However it just wasn't my week but luckily Nikki and Martin from my group had better luck with that.
It was a great start and we had so much fun and generally a very good mood in the class. Both teachers are very talented and are so nice.

Here's our animatic:

Trailer Project animatic from Anne-Sofie Tholander on Vimeo.

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