torsdag den 26. august 2010

Summer 2010

It's been a while since i've last updated my blog. I've haven't been in school for so long. However we start up again on monday and i just can't wait! In my opinion the summer holiday has been a bit too long.

I've recently started making jewelry again. I haven't really been drawing that much to be honest.

I've also made a set of invitations for my mothers birthday in september. It doesn't show here in the photo but the paper with the printet text has an iridescent shine to it. The white butterfly is also covered in iridescent glitter.

I spent a lot of my summer at home with my parents so i haven't really touched a computer for 2 months! However i had some great days in the wonderful sun at the beach and spent time with some of all the friends from Copenhagen that i've neglected since i've started school.
Also it was great to see my to beloved cats again :) Here's Mille sleeping.

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