torsdag den 7. januar 2010

Design with Lawrence Marvit

We're back from our christmas holidays and started on design. It's really tough and we're not getting that much sleep at all. However it's still fun and we are learning loads of great stuff.

The first asignment that wasn't abstract was Giant monsters attack ancient Rome. This is what i chose to make:

I have retouched it in photoshop and might do it again when i have the time. Next assignment is Junkyard Romance.

I have some corrections to make but i'll do them later on.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you're working on some fun projects! Nice stuff here. :) I answered the question you posted on my blog, but here it is again: I believe the fan magazine is working with Hidden City Games - I was first contacted about the interview by HCG, who then connected me with the writer/interviewer via email. With all the artwork, posters, and fun things they reproduce in the magazine, I would think they HAVE TO be working with HCG.

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