torsdag den 5. november 2009

week 8 - Concept Design

Our 8th week at CGA was the start of a 7 week project. At the end of the 7 weeks we are suppost to have a nice picture made in maya.
The first week was some concept design with Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. Two really awsome teachers. The theme for the project is Circus Freaks and we started off by finding a bunch of references.
My original thought was "what would a circus freak look like in Futurama?" and i figured that an really old PC would be a freak in the future. Also because i wanted to do something completely different. However i was struggeling to make it work and at thursday they told me to start over. So here is some of the stuff i made.

The final concept:

This is Bob. He is an ordinary horse with a circus fetish.

My 3. idea of the computer thing.

My first character was a computer tower but i moved on to make a pc instead. Later on i actually made it an old macintosh.

references for my first idea:

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